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Stormforce, a Col Sec giveaway

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ronin will no longer be published through Imzadi which also means that the short story featuring Captain Tony Storm, Stormforce which preceded Ronin will also no longer be given away as a thank you to all those who downloaded Ronin as a pre-order from Amazon.
To remedy this I have published Stormforce myself on the Kindle and as promised it will be free. For the next five days Stormforce will be a free download but after that I will remove it and it will only be available through specific channels which I have yet to finalise.
Grab a copy today before the five day deadline is up of this action packed adventure featuring some of the best loved characters in the Col Sec Universe with a surprise guest appearance from someone special at the end.
Here's the link for Stormforce.

A retrospect.

On Monday morning around 4.30 I became an orphan. Although not unexpected the shock of my Mum passing was still quite profound. She had been ill for quite some time and having to watch her deteriorate from the vibrant woman I grew up loving to the mere husk she became just before she passed was something no one should have to endure. My father passed away thirty five years ago and I was a very young twenty six year old man with a young family just finding his feet in the world. I was totally unprepared for the loss of a parent, and I say that with the full knowledge that no one can be truly prepared for that kind of a loss.  They say you should regret the things you do and not the things you don't do and I can understand that train of thought. If you want something do your utmost to achieve it, if it fails at least you can say you tried. Unfortunately the death of my father left me with the kind of regrets that can never be rectified. I regret never fully appreciating having a str…