Science fiction takes another step closer to science reality with Neuralink.

One of the staples of sci fi is the advances in computer technology, many famous authors have used this device ever since the concept of computers was first thought of. It's a common plot device to have a computer become so advanced it starts to actually think for itself, what we now call Artificial Intelligence. AI as it now called is something that is actively being sought for real world applications, just as in all the sci fi stories that feature this plot device which invariably leads to the computer realising it's smarter than us humans and either subjugates mankind or sets out to obliterate us. Will this happen if we ever achieve this holy grail of computing? There would be obvious advantages of having a computer that could think as fast as a human brain, able to formulate it's own ideas but that fear that, like our children grow up and become more intelligent than us and move away, will always be present and with good need. The vital thing that a computer lacks which our children have, is compassion because they are human and have all the human feelings that come with the territory along with all the failings. What would happen if we built a smarter computer, one that could think like we do but devoid of all human frailties such as compassion, love or mercy? Surely the nightmare scenario we all have seen in the movies or read about would not be far from the truth.

I use AI in the Col Sec series but I have yet to have it reach the stage where it regards us as beneath it, that may change in the future but as far as now is concerned the inhabitants of the Col Sec Universe need have no worry on that front, besides they have plenty to deal with without that happening. I also have advanced computers but I have incorporated a neural link which is a staple of most of my stories. The Neural Interface, or NI is integral to the world my characters live in. The NI enables them to link not only to computers but to anything that has a computer built into it or is run by one. The NI makes small handheld devices such as tablets or mobile phones, what Americans call cell phones, obsolete. Everything these devices can do can be accessed through the NI and downloaded directly to the brain. To learn more about the NI just pick up any of the Col Sec series, it's all there.

What I find remarkable is that my flight of fancy, the NI is actually being looked at as a viable method of interacting with computers and making them function on a much faster scale. Leading the field in this is Elon Musk the founder and CEO of Tesla. His Neuralink project is seeking to link the human mind with that of a computer for just such a function as I described. He is of the opinion, according to an article in LIVESCIENCE, that we need not bother with AI, instead we need to make what we already have work faster and more efficiently.
You can read the full article here,

Science fiction has always been the prelude to science fact and this is just one example of that being true. If the Neuralink becomes a reality, how far behind will the NI be, or will it actually be what I envisioned? Only time will tell.


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