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Cover Reveal

I had some welcome news this week, my publisher for some of the Col Sec series, Imzadi Publishing has told me that they have set a date for the release of the re-edited edition of Ronin which is the book that started the entire series off. Not only have they set the release date but they have given me the date that it can be pre-ordered from. On their website they also mention that all purchases of the book placed through Amazon will receive exclusive bonus material, I know what this material is but I'm not going to give that up just yet, let's keep the suspense growing a little longer. It would be interesting to see if anyone can guess what it might be though, if you have any ideas why not leave a comment.
One final thing they gave me was the new cover art for this book. Now this is something I'm particularly proud of, not because I made it but I did help conceive the idea behind it. The actual work was done by the remarkable Anita Dugan Moore of Imzadi who also did the c…

Jupiter Descending

I've been meaning to watch Jupiter Ascending ever since it first came out in fact I was looking forward to seeing it in the cinema. That was before all the negativity that began to surface about the film. I must admit to being put off seeing it at the cinema and decided to catch it either on Blu ray or wait until it was shown on the TV. I finally caught up with it on Amazon video, I placed it on my Watch list to view whenever I got around to it and because I had a ton of things to do with work and my commitments to writing I kept putting it off. I started watching it a week or so ago but couldn't seem to fully invest myself into it so I decided to wait until later, hoping I would have a change of mind set. Finally I thought I'll do this and see if it was as bad as people said.
With an open mind I gave it a shot.
Was I disappointed?
Put it this way, it had a running time of 2hrs and 7mins and that's 2hrs and 7mins of my life I'll never get back.
One thing I can prai…

Bite the bullet

As a writer I wear many hats, when I wear my writing hat if I wear it jauntily to one side then I'm writing the Col Sec series of sci fi action adventures, if on the other hand the hat is tilted, jauntily to the other side then my other writing persona of Jack Dillon has control and I'm writing either the SI6 series or the ATLAS Force series. I've been wearing this hat constantly now for some time as Jack Dillon has just finished off two books, one for each series which are both now available, and I have just finished off another book in the Col Sec series and am writing another at the same time going over edits for Ronin from my publisher Imzadi, who hope to have this book out soon. Ronin is the first in the series and this will be a brand spanking new edition with all the trimmings you get from a publisher, new cover artwork, new trailer and all the paraphernalia that goes with it all. one of the many other hats I get to wear is that of a marketing professional, although…

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Science fiction takes another step closer to science reality with Neuralink.

One of the staples of sci fi is the advances in computer technology, many famous authors have used this device ever since the concept of computers was first thought of. It's a common plot device to have a computer become so advanced it starts to actually think for itself, what we now call Artificial Intelligence. AI as it now called is something that is actively being sought for real world applications, just as in all the sci fi stories that feature this plot device which invariably leads to the computer realising it's smarter than us humans and either subjugates mankind or sets out to obliterate us. Will this happen if we ever achieve this holy grail of computing? There would be obvious advantages of having a computer that could think as fast as a human brain, able to formulate it's own ideas but that fear that, like our children grow up and become more intelligent than us and move away, will always be present and with good need. The vital thing that a computer lacks whic…