Evolution of an idea

When I began writing Ronin over a decade ago I never imagined how far the idea would spread. It went from one single book which I always imagined to be a standalone, to this series that has seen the seventh book, The Blackstar Gambit published this year by Imzadi Publishing.The Blackstar Gambit is not the end of this series either, I have already written the next two books that follow directly on from it and the first book in a new series that begins where The Blackstar Gambit ends following on from the repercussions felt at the end of that book and dealing directly with some of them.
As Jack Dillon I have just completed the second books in the two series written under that name, Crosshairs which is book two in the SI6 series which deals with the violent aftermath of the events in The Death List, and WIRE Tap, the second in the ATLAS Force series. This book will be out shortly and follows on from The Satan Strain, my most successful book to date. 

This new series I'm developing to run alongside the main Col Sec series is really getting me excited. It has so much potential which I hope to develop as the series unfolds. It will touch on subjects that haven't been explored in any of the other Col Sec thrillers and adding to that all the action that typifies the Kurt Stryder, Wildfire Team, Matt Hawk adventures adds a different dimension to these stories. Captain Jon Savage is definitely a bad ass hero in the mould of Kurt Stryder but with his back story I hope readers will see him and not get a sense of deja vu, you know that sense of, seen it all before, nothing new here. In this series I am stretching myself to bring to the audience something that I hope will be different enough to engage new readers and yet still familiar enough so as not to lose existing fans.
What do you want to see from this new series?


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