New series

At the end of The Blackstar Gambit there are repercussions that many have to face. Including General Sinclair.
Due to the incidents that take place Col Sec is restructured and Sinclair is given a new command.
President Takagi gives him the command of the new OSI with instructions to learn more about Tartaran the planet both the Confederation and Alliance once fought for control of. This planet harbours more secrets than anyone could ever imagine and perhaps holds the secret of man's origins.
This is just the start of another great series set in the Col Sec Universe with some familiar characters and some fresh faces I know you will come to love as much as those in the main Col ec series. The first book will introduce Captain Jon Savage whose destiny is intertwined with Sinclair's new purpose in life.
Keep it here for regular updates on this new series so you can be in at the start of the Captain Savage thrillers.


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