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The SI6 series was my first project under the name of Jack Dillon. The first book in this series, The Death List is a reworking of a book I wrote years ago when I first had the idea of becoming a best selling author, a goal I am still working toward today. The story has had a few revisions over the years until I finally settled on what is available now. Using the Jack Dillon brand I created another new series called ATLAS Force, this is an organisation that is a combined force from the US, UK, France and Germany, set up to combat terrorist threats and others. ATLAS stands for Advanced Threats, Locate And Secure. The first book in this series, The Satan Strain has garnered some rave reviews and the sequel, WIRE Tap will be available soon.
The second book in the SI6 series is called Crosshairs and picks up a few weeks after the events in The Death List. Some of the characters, Jack Cross in particular are having a rough time coming to terms with the repercussions of the events in that book. For him the effects were more devastating on a personal level and he has to choose to continue or to walk away and put it all behind him. Any normal person the choice would be an easy one but not for Jack. This time he is not answering a call to duty for a need for revenge something that is mirrored in the goal of the Hierarchy. When these two inevitably collide the outcome will be messy and there can only be one survivor. This is a fight to the death and the winner won't be the one with the best weapons or the best strategy but the one who is willing to sacrifice everything, the one who wants it the most and is willing to walk through fire to get it will be the one left alive.
When it's all said and done and the dust settles nothing will be as it once was. This one is a game changer

and it's out soon.
blood-252872_1920The Death List front cover


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