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Evolution of an idea

When I began writing Ronin over a decade ago I never imagined how far the idea would spread. It went from one single book which I always imagined to be a standalone, to this series that has seen the seventh book, The Blackstar Gambitpublishedthis year by Imzadi Publishing.The Blackstar Gambit is not the end of this series either, I have already written the next two books that follow directly on from it and the first book in a new series that begins where The Blackstar Gambit ends following on from the repercussions felt at the end of that book and dealing directly with some of them.
As Jack Dillon I have just completed the second books in the two series written under that name, Crosshairs which is book two in the SI6 series which deals with the violent aftermath of the events in The Death List, and WIRE Tap, the second in the ATLAS Force series. This book will be out shortly and follows on from The Satan Strain, my most successful book to date. 

This new series I'm developing to run…

New series

At the end of The Blackstar Gambit there are repercussions that many have to face. Including General Sinclair.
Due to the incidents that take place Col Sec is restructured and Sinclair is given a new command.
President Takagi gives him the command of the new OSI with instructions to learn more about Tartaran the planet both the Confederation and Alliance once fought for control of. This planet harbours more secrets than anyone could ever imagine and perhaps holds the secret of man's origins. This is just the start of another great series set in the Col Sec Universe with some familiar characters and some fresh faces I know you will come to love as much as those in the main Col ec series. The first book will introduce Captain Jon Savage whose destiny is intertwined with Sinclair's new purpose in life.
Keep it here for regular updates on this new series so you can be in at the start of the Captain Savage thrillers.

Reviews needed

Reviews for an author are critical and because Crosshairs, book two in the SI6 series, is now available I am offering the first ten people to download a copy of this book I will gift them a free copy of Death List, book one in the series. All they have to do is message me proof of the download on Facebook here
 and I'll take it from there.
This offer will run for three days starting at midnight GMT August 12.

Get this book in your Crosshairs

The SI6 series was my first project under the name of Jack Dillon. The first book in this series, The Death List is a reworking of a book I wrote years ago when I first had the idea of becoming a best selling author, a goal I am still working toward today. The story has had a few revisions over the years until I finally settled on what is available now. Using the Jack Dillon brand I created another new series called ATLAS Force, this is an organisation that is a combined force from the US, UK, France and Germany, set up to combat terrorist threats and others. ATLAS stands for Advanced Threats, Locate And Secure. The first book in this series, The Satan Strain has garnered some rave reviews and the sequel, WIRE Tap will be available soon.
The second book in the SI6 series is called Crosshairs and picks up a few weeks after the events in The Death List. Some of the characters, Jack Cross in particular are having a rough time coming to terms with the repercussions of the events in that b…

Marketing freebie

The Blackstar Gambit has been available now since early May published by Imzadi Publishing. Soon you'll be able to see what started the Col Sec series off because they have agreed to publish Ronin, the first book in the series. To accompany this they have asked me to write a short story that will be available as a freebie with the pre-order links. Thinking about this I came up with an idea for a story that will tie in nicely with Ronin. It will feature some familiar characters and will give you a bit of an idea what the series is about and what you'll be in store for when you pick up any of the titles.
I've seen the artwork for the new book and can't wait for you all to see it, I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.
As soon as I hear anything regarding the release date for Ronin I will post it here and anywhere else I can think of, I don't want you to miss out on what is sure to be an amazing deal.

Satisfaction is writing the words 'The end'

There is something magical about writing the words 'The end' when you finished your latest book.
Armageddon is done and has more twists and turns than a confused maze. Kurt and Zara face a threat so insidious it makes them question who to trust. How can you fight an enemy who can be the person standing next to you without your knowledge? Quantum bombs powerful enough to destroy everything in a five mile radius and small enough to fit in a carry case are planted in strategic places. The threat is real and they have to find them and defuse them before the threat can be carried out. Millions of lives are in the balance with control of the galaxy the prize. Can Kurt and Zara prevent another disaster like what happened in Washington in the Blackstar Gambit but on a far larger scale? The stakes are higher in this one, the danger more visceral, this is probably the most thrilling Col Sec thriller yet.