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Reflections on a life that didn't quite turn out as planned, but when does it ever?

It's difficult at times to stay positive about how life treats you, especially when you're prone to anxiety and depression. Although I have shouldered this burden throughout my life I have never burdened others with it and that could well be because I wasn't aware of it. By that I mean that I grew up in an environment where if I voiced any feelings of fear of being anxious they were met with the usual response of either, "Pull yourself together," "Grow a set" or "You're just being silly" or the absolute worst one was just being ignored. Faced with this kind of support you just had to get on with it and do the best you could, which I have tried to the best of my knowledge. I have always been the one giving the support to other family members but it saddens me that it hasn't always been reciprocal. That is doing my family a disservice because there have been times when many more than I expected rallied around in times of need, not very …

Becoming a successful author should never be about the writer but about the work.

Posted onJuly 14, 2017by Becoming a successful author should never be about the writer but about the work. Why do people need to know what the writer does when they’re not writing, why do they need to know what their likes and dislikes are and why do they need to know what food they like to eat? All that the readers aught to know is if they like the work, if the books they write excite them or move them on an emotional level, reach them in ways only they know about. That’s what it should be about. A writer should be able to go about his business, churn out their work and deliver it through whichever resource they choose, to the readers and bask in the anonymity that is so desirable about being a writer, but not today. Today because of social media enables us to reach out and touch more people than we ever thought possible a decade or more ago writers like myself are forced into this arena of battling to reach readers in ways I never dreamt I would do. As an introvert I am m…