New hope on the horizon

This year has been a struggle in more ways than I thought possible. At the beginning I tried to put everything that happened last year, all the disappointment and grief behind me and move on. I hoped I could move forward with both my life and my writing career. I don't consider my job as my career, it's just something I do to pay the bills, my career, my passion has always been writing or moreover, telling stories.
To anyone who read my blog they know what I went through toward the end of 2017, the end of my being a traditionally published author and my return to being a true independent author coupled with the death of my Mum. Each one could be considered devastating but to be honest my Mum's dying was the only devastating aspect, being dropped by my publisher was a given. We didn't see eye to eye over certain marketing strategies and even though they purport to be open to suggestions and always listen to their authors they shut me down over this and blindly went ahea…

New year, new beginning

2017 ended on a bit of a sour note for me. I suffered several set backs to my plans for the future and was devastated by a death in the family. The set backs I should have seen coming and my own hubris blinded me to them. It was either hubris or naivete, but whichever it was I was to blame for them. Having to take a job on a lower pay scale and not adjusting your lifestyle to the new income is tantamount to financial suicide. I was hoping that book sales would shore up the short fall in earnings, why I thought that when I hadn't seen any significant sales prior to that is down to me being either the eternal optimist or plain stupid I can't decide which. I would like to think of it being the former but I have a feeling it leans more to the latter if truth be known.
The book sales have been disappointing on two fronts, the first is down to the level of marketing as I'm sure several independent authors can attest to, to get significant sales on any book the level of marketing…

Stormforce, a Col Sec giveaway

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ronin will no longer be published through Imzadi which also means that the short story featuring Captain Tony Storm, Stormforce which preceded Ronin will also no longer be given away as a thank you to all those who downloaded Ronin as a pre-order from Amazon.
To remedy this I have published Stormforce myself on the Kindle and as promised it will be free. For the next five days Stormforce will be a free download but after that I will remove it and it will only be available through specific channels which I have yet to finalise.
Grab a copy today before the five day deadline is up of this action packed adventure featuring some of the best loved characters in the Col Sec Universe with a surprise guest appearance from someone special at the end.
Here's the link for Stormforce.

A retrospect.

On Monday morning around 4.30 I became an orphan. Although not unexpected the shock of my Mum passing was still quite profound. She had been ill for quite some time and having to watch her deteriorate from the vibrant woman I grew up loving to the mere husk she became just before she passed was something no one should have to endure. My father passed away thirty five years ago and I was a very young twenty six year old man with a young family just finding his feet in the world. I was totally unprepared for the loss of a parent, and I say that with the full knowledge that no one can be truly prepared for that kind of a loss.  They say you should regret the things you do and not the things you don't do and I can understand that train of thought. If you want something do your utmost to achieve it, if it fails at least you can say you tried. Unfortunately the death of my father left me with the kind of regrets that can never be rectified. I regret never fully appreciating having a str…

The start of something huge

I recently posted about the first book in the Col Sec series, Ronin being re-released through Imzadi Publishing who also published The Blackstar Gambit, book seven in the series. Now all the pre-order links are available for you to purchase the book when it comes out on November 16. Be the first to see what is sure to be regarded as the most action packed sci fi thriller series this decade and be one of the first to get the bonus material from Amazon. This bonus material is a short story which features some of the characters in Ronin. This short story, Stormforce is only available to those of you who pre-order Ronin through Amazon though so you don't want to miss out on this exclusive.

Here are the links to where the book can be pre-ordered.…

Cover Reveal

I had some welcome news this week, my publisher for some of the Col Sec series, Imzadi Publishing has told me that they have set a date for the release of the re-edited edition of Ronin which is the book that started the entire series off. Not only have they set the release date but they have given me the date that it can be pre-ordered from. On their website they also mention that all purchases of the book placed through Amazon will receive exclusive bonus material, I know what this material is but I'm not going to give that up just yet, let's keep the suspense growing a little longer. It would be interesting to see if anyone can guess what it might be though, if you have any ideas why not leave a comment.
One final thing they gave me was the new cover art for this book. Now this is something I'm particularly proud of, not because I made it but I did help conceive the idea behind it. The actual work was done by the remarkable Anita Dugan Moore of Imzadi who also did the c…

Jupiter Descending

I've been meaning to watch Jupiter Ascending ever since it first came out in fact I was looking forward to seeing it in the cinema. That was before all the negativity that began to surface about the film. I must admit to being put off seeing it at the cinema and decided to catch it either on Blu ray or wait until it was shown on the TV. I finally caught up with it on Amazon video, I placed it on my Watch list to view whenever I got around to it and because I had a ton of things to do with work and my commitments to writing I kept putting it off. I started watching it a week or so ago but couldn't seem to fully invest myself into it so I decided to wait until later, hoping I would have a change of mind set. Finally I thought I'll do this and see if it was as bad as people said.
With an open mind I gave it a shot.
Was I disappointed?
Put it this way, it had a running time of 2hrs and 7mins and that's 2hrs and 7mins of my life I'll never get back.
One thing I can prai…